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ABT Milwaukee
Welcome to the Milwaukee Branch of the Amateur Bowlers Tour.



Meet Your Tournament Staff
Michael Fagan, Branch Owner

We have filled the Branch Manager position.
Dan McFarland is excited to bring his enthusiasm
and committment to bowling to the Milwaukee ABT Branch.
Come meet Dan at our upcoming tournaments.


 Upcoming Tournament
Upcoming Tournament
April 27th @
Sussex Bowl
   N64 W24576 Main St,
Squads: 10am & 11:30am

Tournament Completed (72 Entries)
AMF South Park
1st Place- Cedric Crumpton $1564.00
2nd Place- Edward Brown $600.00
3rd Place- Mike Gerschwiler $150 (no mega)
4th Place- Eric Primer $250
13 Cashers, $3,572.00 paid out

Sussex Bowl, April 27th


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